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Veterans and First Responders have business skillsets unique to others

By admin | 08/21/2015

American Express owns an entity called “Open Forum”. Every once in a while a contributor writes on a topic dear to Veterans Banker’s heart.

We came across this article when doing some research on people who have successfully transitioned from a life of service to our Country, to running a small business as an entrepreneur. Their perspective is valuable to share.

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Animal Therapy Programs for Veterans with PTSD is focus of

By admin | 08/12/2015

We’ve seen. We’ve witnessed. It works. It’s awesome.

For those with a philanthropic mind and a bank account to support it, is raising money to expand their program.   Send them a donation – the organization is a 100% volunteer effort and the work being done is outstanding!

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Vets activists are gearing up for a 2016 Fight!

By admin | 08/03/2015

We don’t like discussing politics in general at Veterans Banker, but when it comes to taking care of our Vets and First Responders, it is important we keep our hands on the “pulse” of the political landscape.

Looks to us like Vet activists are gearing up for a 2016 fight and the battle lines have already been drawn on Veterans issues as it relates to the Veterans Affairs Department bureaucracy.

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25 of the most influential companies for Veteran hiring

By admin | 07/23/2015

Here’s the scoop. Thanks to the commitment made by organizations across the country, more of America’s former service members are going back to work. This article introduces 25 of the most influential companies for Veteran hiring.

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Stop playing Firefighter with your Small Business and learn how to focus

By admin | 07/11/2015

The main problem for most business owners is not only that they do too much, but also that they do too much. Multitasking makes it extremely difficult to properly focus on any one item. Result being, growth may be stifled and peace of mind hard to achieve.

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