Funding Q & A

  • How can Veterans Banker help me?
    We support Entrepreneurs. We are Entrepreneurs. Understanding how difficult it is to build a successful business, we wanted to share some knowledge and resources that were passed on to us over the years. Specifically, in the area of small business financing combined with resources offered through our concierge services.
  • How can I help Veterans Banker?
    It’ simple, click here and make us better.
  • What type of small business loans do you offer?
    • Business Term Loans
    • Business Lines of Credit
    • Merchant Cash Advances
    • Interest Free Loan Programs.
  • What type of terms and loan amounts can I qualify for?
    Loan terms can range from weeks to 60 months depending on which of the programs are taken advantage of. Minimum and maximum loan values range from $5,000-$2,000,000.
  • What is the best way to submit a loan application to Veterans Banker?
    Whichever method you find easiest for you. You can complete a simple online application, Apply Now, or reach out to us, Let’s Talk. Either way, we look forward to your correspondence.
  • What type of information should I forward to your Lenders?
    It will depend on the type of loan. We suggest you gather some basic information just in case it is needed to process your application. Lenders appreciate applicants that are prepared.
    • Business Tax ID
    • Credit Card Statements for previous 3 months
    • Bank statements for the previous 3 months
    • Social Security number of the business owner(s)
    • Drivers license number and state of issue
  • How do I qualify for Veterans Banker financing?
    The most competitive programs are typically provided to businesses that can support the following:
    • 1+ year in business
    • $100,000+ in annual revenue
    • 500+ FICO score of the business owner
    • No open bankruptcies
    • Physical business location
  • How long does it take to get my loan proceeds?
    Funding can be as fast as 24 hours. Decisions can be made in just minutes.
  • How much does it cost to apply for a Veterans Banker loan?
    It’s free.
  • Are there flexible loan repayment schedules?
    Yes. Veteran Banker loan specialists will review your options with you. Let’s Talk
  • Are Veterans Banker loans unsecured?
    Most loans are approved on an unsecured basis without having to be collateralized by real property or personal assets. If we get a very complex deal for large sums of money (i.e. $2,000,000), our lenders will most likely ask for some form of collateral or protection. That said, the majority do not.
  • How is Veterans Banker different from other financing organizations?
    Simply put, we are the Veterans Banker, others are not. We are trusted because we do the work, deliver on our loan promises and assist our community of veterans and first responders with business development and concierge service resources.
  • What type of business entities does Veterans Banker support?
    We work within 700+ industries. Industries we serve
  • Are the rates and fees transparent?
    Yes. Our lenders and loan specialists are REQUIRED to be transparent with rates, fees and expenses. Applicants will be able to make an educated loan decision. If at ANY time, you feel “wool being pulled over your eyes”, contact us immediately. We have a policy of zero tolerance on this topic.
  • What is Veterans Banker Concierge Services?
    In sum, it is a group of people and businesses that have committed to helping the Veterans Banker community of Veterans and First Responders. The resources provided focus on “life”, finance and business development. We are continually adding additional resources to this program. Suggest one?
  • Who is National Business Capital and OnDeck?
    They represent the outlets we currently use to process the loan applications of our Veterans and First Responders. There is a great deal of work done behind the scenes and these organizations have stepped up to help the community we serve. You will have the opportunity to speak directly with a specialist. They will walk you through the entire Veterans Banker process.