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Over the years, we have been able to identify what people are truly interested in when exploring a new business relationship. It’s really simple when it comes down it – we all want to help and be helped.

Problem is, somehow in our modern day society, people don’t like asking for help. Result being, not all business efforts are successful.

For disclosure purposes, that’s all Veterans Banker does, we ask for help and we give help. Why? Because it makes us better at what we do for the Community we serve.

Can you please help us…

  1. Reduce the cost of borrowing money
  2. Introduce new resources to Concierge Services
  3. Grow Veterans Banker

Reduce the Cost of Borrowing Money

Feel free to introduce Lenders to Veterans Banker. Competition brings down the cost of borrowing money. On behalf of our Veterans and First Responders, we want our financing institutions to compete for their business.

The business demographic we serve is very attractive to Lenders. They understand that if they help our Community, they in turn benefit from new business generated within our tight knit group of Veterans, First Responders and Families. Not rocket science here, lower the cost of borrowing money, loosen restrictions and they’ll earn our trust.

  • Banks
  • Alternative Lenders
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Individual Investors

Our current groups of Lenders are fantastic but we believe in competition. Fortunately, they do as well as evidenced by their success and our mutual interest in supporting the efforts of Veterans Banker.


“Life” and Business need to work together like a precision Watch. Why? Because if you ask any Entrepreneur if they would like to have more time in the day, with less distractions, and additional resources to grow their business, they would answer with a resounding “YES, sign me up!”. Time management is difficult to make profitable.

Veterans Banker Concierge Services provides that “Yes” environment. The resources within are aimed at helping our business owners focus on their business, while having the other “stuff” in life, potential distractions and time suckers, taken care of by those wanting to give back to the Veterans Banker community.

We are continually adding additional resources to Concierge Services. If you would like to make an introduction to someone whose services will benefit our community, send us note and we’ll explore it. We are open for discussions.

grow Veterans Banker

We are unique. We are growing. We have plans. We are looking for a strategic Venture Capital partner that fits in with the Veterans Banker community.