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Interest Free Business Loans

Veterans Banker offers an interest free loan program to those who have been approved for a small business term loan. Assuming the term of the loan is between 12-60 months, qualified business owners may be eligible for a 100% refund of interest payments made during the course of the loan.

Small business entrepreneurs typically use the loan capital they receive to solidify and grow their business. Veterans Banker likes to reward successful efforts; we invest in your business by paying off your interest and introducing you to our global development resources.

For disclosure, this is a highly competitive program. The level of due diligence is substantial. We’ll help you get to the “interest free table” for discussions, but be prepared, you’ll sit on the hot seat and your business model will be questioned and challenged.

Our hope is that you are successful in this process so that we can reward you with an interest free experience at the end of your loan term. Let’s grow together.


  • Interest Free Loan
  • Business Development Resources
  • Global Partner
  • Technology
  • Media


  • Due Diligence Required
  • Growth Expectations
  • Business Plan must be submitted
  • Objectives must be achieved

Helpful Details

  • You must be approved for a Veterans Banker Term Loan to qualify
  • Maximum loan amount for the interest free program is $500k
  • Term Loans approved for a 12-60 month duration are eligible
  • I'd like to learn more about the interest free business loan program. Send us a note

How it works?

  • Apply for a Veterans Banker Term loan and get approved.
    It’s free. It’s easy. It’s quick.
    Call 1-800-351-3248 to speak with a US-based Bridge Loan specialist.
  • Receive funding in as little as 24 hours.
  • At the end of your term loan, program enrollees' will be contacted by a Veterans Banker representative to discuss their business.
  • Enrollees' will get the opportunity to present their success to the business development unit of Veterans Banker.
  • 2016 Program Enrollment: January 5th - 31st.

Do you qualify?

  • Achieve your business plan objectives and you’ll have a chance. The Veterans Banker interest free business loan program is highly selective.