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Small Business Loans for Veterans & First Responders
What is Bridge Financing

What is a Small Business Bridge Loan?

A small business bridge loan is a type of short-term loan, typically taken out for a period of 2 weeks to 5 years pending the arrangement of larger or longer – term financing.

Bridge loans are often used for small business financing and can be individually tailored to a business owner’s unique needs. Loan structure types include, but are not limited too:

  • Business Term Loan
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Commercial Mortgage Financing
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Equipment Leasing and Financing
  • Franchise Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing

As the name suggests, these loans “bridge the gap” when financing is most needed.
For example, let's say that a company is doing a round of equity financing that is expecting to close in 12 months. A bridge loan could be used to secure working capital until the round of funding goes through.

Veterans Banker Bridge Loan underwriters typically focus on the health of a business during the application and approval process. Not credit score obsessed, they take a macro approach to funding small business loans for veterans and first responders.

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Why a Small Business Bridge Loan?

In sum, Veterans Banker bridge loan lenders help entrepreneurs when banks will not.

Whether for business opportunity, necessity or emergency, having a bridge loan relationship with a funding entity makes good business sense. When financing is needed most, entrepreneurs will have peace of mind knowing that funding is available through a small business bridge loan.

  • Fast Funding
  • Cash Flow Focused
  • Builds Business Credit
  • Minimal Amount of Paperwork
  • Transparent Rates and Fees

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